Merry Christmas!

Hello Bloggers,

There are 21 days until Christmas, are you excited?

As you have probably noticed, I have decorated my blog to suit the Holiday. I recommend you do too.

For the past 2 years on Christmas morning I have gone down to a restraunt and had a ‘all you can eat’ breakfast. Then at lunch time we just open presents and just celebrate Christmas, except this year I will be singing for a Christmas lunch with my choir. Then later at night we normally have chicken for dinner and then Christmas pudding with Ice-cream and custard (which I think is disgusting and so do my cousins) so my nan normally buys a apple crumble for us to eat.

Also, I normally spend Christmas with all my family that live in Tasmania. My dad lives in Queensland but he normally comes down and my mum went up there recently. Sadly they cannot come down, which means I wont have Christmas with my parents but next year I am moving to Queensland so I will get to spend a lot of time with them.

What do you do on Christmas day?

Thanks for reading,

Cinda 🙂

My nominations!

I am nominating (Molly)

She was the only person on my blog who commented on one of my posts correctly. She did a long, detailed comment. And she didn’t just say ‘come visit my blog at..’ She took interest in my post and commented what she liked and disliked. I thought this was a great example of how to write a great comment.

She doesn’t always check her blog regularly, but her posts are always detailed.

I recommend her to all the bloggers out there. 🙂

Just a Month..

On Monday was exactly a month before I go to Europe, with my choir, Sing Elon. I am VERY excited, I am sure you would be too. My choir has been saving for this since last year, we still have $10,000 to go but we are hoping that we get the money. It does not matter if we do not get all that money because it is mostly for sight seeing.

So in a month I will be at the airport, with 19 other children, 3 adults and my luggage.

If you had a choice out of one place to go, what would you choose?

Thanks for reading,

Cinda 🙂

Blogging Challenge – Challenge 8, Activity 1 and 3.

Hello again,

It’s Blogging Challenge time again, Challenge 8 already! I decided I would do Activity 1, the first on the list! 😀

Activity 1: Write a post about your family – include their interests, where you might have been together as a family. Remember to include grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.

All the people in my family are:

Michelle (My Mum)

Simon (My Dad)

Hamish (My 17 year old Brother)

Hayden (My 19 year old Brother)

Michael (My Grandpa)

Dorothy (My Grandma)

I have 8 cousins who are: Gabrielle, Nelson, Kent, Samantha, Dylan, Jack, Ayla and Jonty. They are aged between 10 and 16.

I also have 5 auties: Kylie, Trudy, Nita, Jenny and Diana.

Plus 3 Uncles: Scott, Stuart and Brent.


Most of my family live in Australia, all except Trudy and Nita. They are my Dads sisters and they live in England, where my Dad was born.

Diana, Stuart, Nelson, Kent and Gabrielle live in Queensland.

Jenny, Brent, Jack, Samantha and Dylan live in Sydney.

And the rest of us live in Tasmania.

Mostly everyone in my family is interested in sports such as: Netball, basketball, tennis, swimming and a lot more.

So that is my family, maybe you could write a short comment about your family. I would really like to know!

Thanks for reading,

Cinda! 🙂


As you would probably already know, Halloween has just passed. My family has never been the Halloween type, well once upon a time my brother and I used to go trick or treating. We used to get a lot of lollies and occasionally $1 or $2 coins, but not very often.

The only time my family really  put decorations up is Christmas, but still my nan always lives in houses with long drive ways so there is really not much point because no one can see. I think my friends and I were thinking of having a little Halloween party, but that didn’t happen.

Did you celebrate Halloween?

My favourite food!

Anyone who knows me really well would know that I am a VERY fussy eater. I don’t like red apples, bacon, avacado, capsicum, spinach, licourice, chocolate cake and a lot more. But my favourite food is cookies.

14th August 2007 / Day 226 by Mrs Magic, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  Mrs Magic 

I do not know why I love cookies so much, espically as I am not a very big chocolate fan. My favourite type of cookie is white chocolate cookie or M&M cookie. What is your favourite food?

 Thanks for reading, Cinda! 🙂

Blogging Challenge – Challenge 5, activity 3!









Hello, As you probably already know I am participating in the Blogging Challenge. Now it is time for Challenge 5. This Challenge was about improving your posts, I did activity 3. This is what I had to do:

Activity 3 – Colour a post Write a post about your favourite colour and include at least three images. Remember to resize them to small or no bigger than about 400 pixels in width. Remember to explain why you chose those particular images and include the attribution correctly.

So here it is:

My favourite colour is, red! I have no idea why I like the colour red, it’s just a cool colour. I tried to include things I like that are red in those pictures. Well, first of all I love flowers. But my favourite type of flower is the Poppy. Poppies fascinate me because they just look pretty, I don’t really mind what colour but I mostly like red Poppies. I also LOVE mostly any sort of lollies. I know, I know. Parents say ‘Junk food is not good for you!’ What is you favourite type of lolly? Mine is.. well, all of them really! And last of all I love parties, and most BIG parties have fireworks. They are so cool, BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!

Well, thanks for reading. Maybe you could have a look at what other activities I have to do at:


Thanks for reading Cinda 🙂








I have been around many blogs, mostly because of the Blogging Challenge. But this post is not something that we had to do. It’s just something I thought would be cool to post on my blog.. so you would all get to know be better.

Just in case you don’t know , a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. So here is my BUCKET LIST!! 😀

1. Hold a Monkey, I would love to hold a monkey because it is my favourite animal and they just look so fluffy and cute.

2. Suck a Mentos without chewing. I am not sure if I am the only person, but I cannot suck a mentos without chewing. So this is something I REALLY would like to achieve.

3. Travel Australia. Most people say I want to travel the world, but I don’t. I just want to travel in the country where I was born and somewhere that I know more people and feel safer.

4. Throw an egg. I think it would be a lot of fun to throw an egg, it would be so cool. Watching the shell and yolk splat all over the floor (espically the kitchen floor) but I know my family, they would not be too impressed if I threw an egg in the house.

5. Meet Glee stars. I love the show Glee (as you would see from my other post). I would love to meet all the Glee stars, I mean who WOULDN’T want to meet famous people??

6. Become a professional Singer, Dancer or Musician. I loving Singing, Dancing and really anything to do with music. To grow up with one of these things in my life is one of my really big DREAMS. I don’t really want to be famous, because you can’t go anywhere without people taking pictures of you. I just want to be a teacher or something.

7. Not sleep for 24 hours. I know this is a BIG thing for me to achieve, but it will be fun/hard. I don’t think I would do it by myself (too boring), but with friends eating popcorn and watching movies. Sounds like a great plan to me! 🙂

8. Learn the guitar. I play piano at the moment, but I would really love to learn the guitar. Maybe not at the moment because my arms might not reach properly. But hopefully when I am older.

9. Sky dive. I love the look on TV how they jump off helicopters. It looks like so much fun, it looks like your FLYING!!!

10. Cut my hair short. I have long hair at the moment and I HATE IT!!! My mum says I am not allowed to cut it because it is so beautiful and long.. grr! I really want to!!

And that’s it!!

Thanks for reading, Cinda! 🙂


My after school activities.

This is Activity 3 on Challenge 4.

Here is what I had to do:

Activity 3. After school activities

Students around the world do a variety of different activities after school. Some might relate to school work such as band, cheerleading, sports teams. But what are some of the things you most enjoy doing once you are let out of school for the day. Write about this in a post but remember to be internet safe and not mention what time and place you do these activities. Class blogs might like to include a poll or survey about your students’ after school activities.


So here it is:

On Monday after school I go home and pretty much do nothing, same as Tuesday and Thursday. And on Wednesday and Friday I have choir. I enjoy choir, because I enjoy singing, music and just being with everybody in my choir. Well, I know Saturday and Sunday aren’t really after school activities, but they kind of count. On Saturday I do nothing and on Sunday I have choir again, plus I have piano before that.


So that’s my after school activities..

Thanks for reading,

Cinda 🙂









GLEE!!! <3 <3 <3


Glee is a TV show on channel ten, it is about singing and dancing really. It’s just a singing club called Glee who all go to a school.

Many characters have left but the ones that are in season 3 are:











And the teachers..

My favourite songs are:


River Deep, Mountain High


and more..

And lastly my favourite character is…


Thanks for reading!! Cinda 🙂