My after school activities.

This is Activity 3 on Challenge 4.

Here is what I had to do:

Activity 3. After school activities

Students around the world do a variety of different activities after school. Some might relate to school work such as band, cheerleading, sports teams. But what are some of the things you most enjoy doing once you are let out of school for the day. Write about this in a post but remember to be internet safe and not mention what time and place you do these activities. Class blogs might like to include a poll or survey about your students’ after school activities.


So here it is:

On Monday after school I go home and pretty much do nothing, same as Tuesday and Thursday. And on Wednesday and Friday I have choir. I enjoy choir, because I enjoy singing, music and just being with everybody in my choir. Well, I know Saturday and Sunday aren’t really after school activities, but they kind of count. On Saturday I do nothing and on Sunday I have choir again, plus I have piano before that.


So that’s my after school activities..

Thanks for reading,

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2 thoughts on “My after school activities.

  1. Hi Jacinda thanks soooooooo much for looking at my blog and leaving a comment. The reason why you are seeing so many of the 100 word or less stories is because it was a English task and every one in my class had to do one. Do you want me to add you to my blogroll? If you do leave a comment on my blog saying that you do it is a great way to get other people to look at you blog.

    Cheers Ella

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