As you would probably already know, Halloween has just passed. My family has never been the Halloween type, well once upon a time my brother and I used to go trick or treating. We used to get a lot of lollies and occasionally $1 or $2 coins, but not very often.

The only time my family really  put decorations up is Christmas, but still my nan always lives in houses with long drive ways so there is really not much point because no one can see. I think my friends and I were thinking of having a little Halloween party, but that didn’t happen.

Did you celebrate Halloween?

4 thoughts on “Halloween!!!

  1. hi cinda
    i remember the time you came to my house and we went trick or treating and u scared me with your scary mask !
    From darcy

  2. Hey Darcy,

    Yes I remember that, it was really funny!!

    I cant remember what you were wearing though?

    Cinda 🙂

  3. Hello Alex,

    Thank you, do you live in Australia? Because if you do that is probably why!!

    Cinda 🙂

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