Activity 5, Challenge 3 – Blogging Challenge

I just completed activity 5 on challenge 3. 

Here was what I had to do:

Play this game about digital citizenship. How well did you go? Write a post telling your readers about digital citizenship – what you should do rather than what you shouldn’t do. Maybe you would prefer to create a book, poster or video about digital citizenship. Some web2.0 tools you might use with parental or teacher permission glogster, goanimate, audioboo or flipbook.

My overall score was 42/100. I think I didn’t get a very high score because I didn’t help the person who was in trouble, and I think that was the whole point of the game. I think I did pretty well in the quiz, as I got 12/15 most of the time.

I suggest you play this game, I thought it was a really good game and it requires a lot of concentraiting.

Where I would love to visit?

I would love to go to America!

I would love to go because..

There will be lot’s of celebrities

I have wanted to go to Hollywood, California and all the other famous cities in America.

I would love to go to Disneyland and the Harry Potter park thing (which is in Florida). <<< Click this link to find out more information about the Harry Potter theme park.

Where would you love to visit?


Keep Blogging,

Cinda 🙂




Guess What!!

HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!!! I am so happy that finally we are off school..

My favourite 10 things to do in the holidays are:

1. sleeping in

2. Hanging out with friends

3. Shopping

4. Going to the movies, or to fun activity places.

5. Not being at school

6. Not having to get my school uniform on

7. Going away on holidays (sometimes)

8. Just (as my brother says) chillaxin (mixture between relaxing and chilling)

9. Being with family

10. and… just not going to school!

What are your 10 favourite things about holidays??

Keep Commenting!!

Weekly Review! :))

Monday: Got ready for school photo’s, but we were the next day!! -_- Then later we had PE, we played skittles which is exactly what I wanted to play! 😉

Tuesday: We had library straight away in the morning and then straight after library we had school photo’s. I don ‘t think mine was very good because we weren’t a loud to brush our hair or fix it up before.

Wednesday: We had music with Mr Lamb, playing ukuele’s. And then later when I went to choir, we went to a music shop and saw a man named Michael (Mike) Jackson (obviously not the pop singer). We got to play a rock ‘n’ roll song, so now I can say I have played a rock ‘n’ roll song with Michael Jackson.

Thursday (today): I am typing this up!!! 😉

Thanks for reading 🙂

My pets!

I love all my pets.

Cosmo (cat)

George (cat)

Nina (cat)

Chester (cat)

Twinkle (cat)

Molly (Dog)

Charcoal (cat)

Angel (cat)

Lucy (cat)

and Jess (cat)

As you can tell my family has a lot of cats but 6 of the cats live at my nans ,3 of them live at my house and Molly also lives at my nans. I love all animals but my favourite animal is a Monkey, I think it would be cool to own my own Monkey, don’t you?

Only one of the 9 cats is mine, and that is Charcoal. Charcoal is a cat with charcoal coloured fur and she isn’t very big. She is pretty shy and doesn’t get along with Jess and Lucy very well, we don’t know if she would get on with any of the others either because we havn’t seen them together. She doesn’t really like to be picked up and I am the only person she actually let’s pick up without scratching or growling.

What is your favourite animal? Cinda! 🙂



Have you heard of Sportsgirl? Well, most people in my class have. Sportsgirl is a brand that has things like; bags, shoes, clothes, accessories etc. In our class more than  12 people have sportsgirl bags (some even have 2), obviously they are very popular. I have a sportsgirl bag too, a red one. Other colours people have in our class our; yellow, purple, dark blue, black, aqua, light blue, stripes, red and white polka dots, purple and white polka dots, red and black checkered, striped denim colour, navy/grey, multi – coloured diamond pattern and much much more.

Do you have a sportsgirl bag? What colour?

Weekly review!!!

This week hasn’t been really exciting.

Monday: In the morning I had Sport and we played Hockey.

Tuesday: We had Library in the morning and then i had Peter Pan practice during the day.

Wednesday: I had Peter Pan practice again and….thats all.

Thursday: Today, half our class had boucne back, but I wasn’t one of them. i don’t do bounce back until next term which i am not very happy about but it is so much quieter without the other half.

how was your week?